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Sign Up for An Account

Visit our sign-up page to start the process of creating your account. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Account Tiers

When you create an account, you're automatically set to our "free tier." This is not a trial, but a way to use Skynet without any financial obligation. Files you upload and pin (up to your storage quota) will be pinned and available as long as you have an account with the portal.

Premium Accounts

Premium accounts allow certain perks for users of the Skynet portal. The primary one is how large your storage quota is. In addition to this, premium account holders have prioritized access to files on Skynet when using, and they should see faster performance for file downloads and server response times. As we build toward content-monetization, premium accounts will also help support a creator economy on Skynet, and supporters can expect to see additional perks.

Tier Comparison

Tier Name

Storage Amount

Pin Duration




90 Days



100 GB

Life of Account



1 TB

Life of Account



4 TB

Life of Account



20 TB

Life of Account


Using a Coupon code

After creating your account, you are on the "Free" tier plan. Go through the steps to subscribe to plan your coupon applies to. Then, on Stripe's payment page, look for a link that says "Add promotional code."