Portal Accounts

What are Portal Accounts?

Siasky.net Accounts allow users to get access to faster speeds and greater amounts of stored data. In addition to this, users can access a dashboard that tracks all of the files that they are actively pinning, as well as their Skynet usage history.
If you're new to Skynet or the idea of web portals, you might be interested in reading Web Portals on Skynet.
Portal Accounts are a new feature for Skynet. Features and details may change quickly over the next few weeks, and we appreciate your patience as we work to improve the user experience.

Why Portal Accounts?

Decentralized infrastructure like a Skynet Portal isn't free to run or to develop.
A huge part of our vision for Skynet is that the entire platform will always be available to everyone. Free users will always have the same level of access to Skynet as paid users, with the key distinction being that access may be at lower speeds. We see access to the Internet and ownership over one’s data as a fundamental human right, and we wish to bring that to all of humanity, irrespective of a person’s ability to pay.
Beyond this, accounts are the foundation for decentralized content monetization on Skynet. For more information, see the section on user accounts on Web Portals on Skynet.

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