Portal Account FAQs
This page features questions about the user accounts available from For Frequently Asked Questions about Skynet, please see the primary FAQ page.

Why are my uploads/downloads not showing up in my account dashboard?

There are many reasons an upload or download that should be displayed is not:
  • The app developer has not updated their app to support accounts yet.
  • You have been logged out. Please log in.
  • You're uploading to a different Skynet portal than, or are not uploading through your web browser.

Why are uploads/downloads appearing that I didn't initiate?

When using Skynet applications, they may save or load data on your behalf. Just like on the traditional web, this happens very often while browsing a website. Some of the saved or loaded material may never even show up in your web browser. In future releases, developers will be able to have more fine-grained control over files that get pinned to your account.

What is the maximum size of a file upload?

To ensure reliability, files uploaded to are currently limited to 1GB. We're working to greatly improve this cap in a future web portal update.

Can I pay for my account subscription in Siacoins?

Not at the moment. We hope to make this feature available in the future, but it's not on our short-term roadmap.

Can I delete or unpin files I've uploaded to

Not at the moment. We hope to make this available in the future, and it's a high-priority issue for our engineering team.

Why do I have to keep logging in to my account?

We're aware of this annoyance and working on a solution that balances security and convenience. Expect this to change in a future web portal update.

I have a coupon. Where do I use it?

Coupons are applied in Stripe's checkout interface. See Sign-up & Pick a Tier. If you already have a subscription or have a canceled subscription, Stripe may not present you with a way to use your coupon.

I already have an account with SkyID/MySky/Sia-UI, do I need a portal account?

These accounts are distinct, and although we may support cross-application login in the future, these services do not overlap with your account for
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