Skynet brand guidelines

Brand guidelines for Skynet in your project or site

Community and third-party (non-core) projects are an essential part of the Skynet ecosystem. They expand the use-cases for Skynet, and improve the network with solutions we aren’t actively working on.

We want users to be able to distinguish between core and non-core projects for a number of reasons:

Non-core projects sometimes involve a bit of centralization, and that’s ok. Users need choice, and centralization provides features that are much easier to implement than can be done on Skynet directly.

People might confuse your project with something built by the core team, and we want to make sure users know who to go to for help.

You worked hard on your project, and we want it to stand out!

In an effort to promote these goals, please use the following as guidelines when developing your brand.

Official Skynet assets

Here you go. It includes our logo and wordmark in vector formats.

Naming your project

You have a lot of freedom here. Feel free to use the word “Skynet” however you want in your project, with two exceptions:

Don’t call your project just “Skynet”. Because that’s our name.

Don't use the term “Skynet” and then a generic term that directly relates to our business like “Upload”, “Storage”, or "Share". These are names we could use in the future for related projects, and we don't want your project to have to change its name down the line.

Current examples of good naming in the community are: SkyGallery, SkyLive, and SkyGames. You know it's about Skynet, and get a good idea of what specifically the project might focus on.

You can also create a wonderfully custom name that represents you or your work. Some examples are projects like Atlas Library System, DappDappGo, and Wakio.

Logo and Wordmark

We’re a little more strict on this one. We’d prefer that your project not use the Skynet logo or wordmark directly in any capacity, but you can style on it as long as a normal user wouldn’t confuse it for the real thing.

A good example is SkySpaces:

It uses a modern font, and draws from the standard Sia logo for its logo. This isn't too close to either the Skynet or Sia logos, but it's representative of the work it does and references the originals without stepping too far.


Skynet's primary color is #58b560.

If you use the exact Skynet logo or wordmark in any way, like to represent the fact that you integrate with Skynet on your site, the image should use the specific Skynet green. In other words, don't use our exact logo or wordmark and change the color to match your color scheme.

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