Skynet Resources

Skynet is a completely decentralized content and application hosting platform built on top of the Sia cloud storage network. Data cannot be de-platformed. Files can not be hacked. You can build self-contained apps on Skynet, or upload the front-end of an existing app to the decentralized web.

Here are some fantastic resources for getting started with and developing on Skynet.


Use Skynet:

The Skynet announcement:

Skynet Overview:

Talk about Skynet on our Discord!

Explore apps built on Skynet:

View our Skynet repos:

Our YouTube channel, with app sneak peeks and more!


Introduction to Skynet SDKs:

Skynet SDK Docs:

Building your first app on Skynet:

Sia/Skynet Workshops:

Using HSN domain names with Skynet:

Automated Deployments on Skynet:


Introducing SkyDB:

An example SkyDB app:

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