Blacklisting content on your Skynet portal

You can blacklist content on your Skynet portal. The blacklist will prevent skylinks from being downloaded. Since we blacklist by merkleroot, we also prevent uploads of the same underlying data as well as pinning of files that would resolve to the same skylink and merkleroot.


./siac skynet blacklist [skylink] [flags]

For example, if this is the skylink you want to blacklist:

sia://ABCdefGHIjklMNOpqrSTUvwxYZ12345678901234567890, which might also be thrown around in a browser-friendly form as

The skylink section is is the 46 characters in the link:

sia://ABCdefGHIjklMNOpqrSTUvxwYZ12345678901234567890, so your command would look like:

./siac skynet blacklist ABCdefGHIjklMNOpqrSTUvxwYZ12345678901234567890 [flags]


-h, --help help for blacklist

--remove Remove the skylink from the blacklist

Using the API

You can add a remove multiple links at a time using the API. This is especially useful for portals that want to share blacklists with each other.


curl -A "Sia-Agent" --user "":<apipassword> --data '{"add" : ["GAC38Gan6YHVpLl-bfefa7aY85fn4C0EEOt5KJ6SPmEy4g","GAC38Gan6YHVpLl-bfefa7aY85fn4C0EEOt5KJ6SPmEy4g","GAC38Gan6YHVpLl-bfefa7aY85fn4C0EEOt5KJ6SPmEy4g"]}' "localhost:9980/skynet/blacklist"


curl -A "Sia-Agent" --user "":<apipassword> --data '{"remove" : ["GAC38Gan6YHVpLl-bfefa7aY85fn4C0EEOt5KJ6SPmEy4g","GAC38Gan6YHVpLl-bfefa7aY85fn4C0EEOt5KJ6SPmEy4g","GAC38Gan6YHVpLl-bfefa7aY85fn4C0EEOt5KJ6SPmEy4g"]}' "localhost:9980/skynet/blacklist"

There are a number of other endpoints for Skynet as well. You can reference them in our API docs.

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