Integrating Skynet into Applications

Skynet has an API which developers can use in their own applications, as well as SDKs for popular programming languages which integrate seamlessly with existing applications.




For decentralized applications, Skynet provides a decentralized storage layer that is not controlled by any external entity. Decentralized applications can confidently use Skynet knowing that their storage layer is just as decentralized as the rest of their application.

For centralized applications, Skynet provides a low cost, low hassle, high speed mechanism to store and distribute data. Storage costs are as much as 10x lower than traditional infrastructure, bandwidth costs as much as 100x lower, all without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Refer to the Skynet site for some code examples for uploading and downloading data from Skynet using portals in popular languages. If you want to use your own Sia node directly, the libraries support this as well.

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